Amount of food you eat, and its food type, both are relative to amount of blood glucose. It’s pretty obvious if you eat more food than what your body requires, the blood sugar level is sure to rise. But this nowhere means that one cannot enjoy good food, or that you have to quit your favorite food after encountering diabetes. Living with diabetes means to eat regularly from all the 5 groups of food: Grains and starch, meat, milk and its products, vegetables and fruits. Only need is to ask your sugar specialist to organize the food eating habits according to your life style.

There are many myths about food in relation to diabetes. Let’s clarify them!

Myth: Eating sugar causes diabetes.

Facts: Sugar intake doesn’t cause diabetes by itself, but it can have influence on it. It is safe as long as the food items do not have hidden sugars in it, and once its is a part of your healthy meal plan you can have it. High intake of sugar may lead to obesity, which makes people think of the direct relation of sugar and diabetes.

Myth: Carbohydrates are enemies!

Fact: The type of carbohydrates and the portion of it matters. Not all carbs are same. Ones with low glycemic index are better for people with diabetes. This is because these take time to digest and reach the blood, which keeps the blood sugar levels maintained. For example: choose brown rice instead of white rice, sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes, peas or leafy greens instead of corns.

Myth: A high-protein diet is best.

Fact: A healthy diet consists of all three carbs, proteins and fats. More of protein rich diet can cause insulin resistance, thus a main cause of diabetes. The only solution is to have a balanced diet in order to have a fully functional body.

Myths: fruits are healthy, so eat as many as you like!

Fact: Even though fruits have minerals and vitamins which aid in diabetes. Fruits even have natural sugars; they also have carbohydrates that tend to raise blood sugar level. It is very important to check amount of fruits one eat.

Myth: Diabetic people must have special diet

Fact: Diabetic people must eat like a normal healthy person which is low in fat, sugar and salt. One must have regular meals from breakfast to lunch then to dinner. No meal should have a gap of 6 hours.

Myth: Artificial sweetners are bad for diabetic patients.

Fact: Artificial sweeteners are approved safe for consumption. They help to ease the sweet tooth as well as add some carbs besides sugar. It allows one to eat desserts which are low in sugar due to artificial sweeteners added to it.

Myth: A real healthy diet can help get rid of diabetes

Fact: A healthy diabetes diet plan cannot rid you off diabetes, but it can aid in controlling the diabetes. Eating healthy food will help in managing blood sugar levels and help control it in case of diabetes type 2.

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